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For many years now, the Santa Cruz SPCA , a non-profit and no-kill shelter, has been run from a small house built in the 1930’s. The roof leaks, the plumbing is problematic, and the original electrical wiring continually requires work.

     Staff members and little dogs greet visitors in what was once the tiny living room where desks are huddled between walls lined with dog crates. The tiny bedrooms are now cat rooms and offices, and stacks of supplies overflow from every nook and cranny. The tiny bathroom is used for grooming and sometimes as an isolation room.

    Yes, “tiny” is the operative word for the entire facility, including the dogs--the lack of space severely limits both the number and size of  animals that can be rescued, and they cannot accept big dogs.














This is the home of Santa Cruz Artists for Animals. 25% of our sales are donated to the Santa Cruz SPCA.
Santa Cruz SPCA

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to the Santa Cruz Artists Gallery, where you can view and select fine art to purchase from some of California’s finest artists. Here you will find art treasures in every form--paintings, sculpture, ceramics, glass, jewelry, textiles, wood and metal, to name just a few, and all available to buy from the comfort of your own home. Your purchase will not only bring years of enjoyment to you and your family, but will help to build a new home for the Santa Cruz SPCA, as 25% of our sales are donated to the Santa Cruz SPCA's building fund. So peruse our gallery at your leisure and invest in a treasure to enhance your home, or delight a friend, today!

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Delicately rendered scenes of the Santa Cruz coastline and forests by watercolorist Carol Riddle
Realistic oil paintings of the California coastal landscape by painter Jessica Maring
Welcome to Our Newest Artist
Meet This Week's Featured Artist
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Whimsical paintings by well-known Santa Cruz artist James Aschbacher
Beaded jewelry from elegant to fun by artisan jeweler Sally Peck
Mixed media collages of amusing scenes or abstracts by artist T. Mike Walker
Semi-abstract-figurative watercolors by Santa Cruz artist Isobel George
Fine art quilts handmade with dyed, painted & embellished fabric by fiber artist Nana Montgomery
Susan Cartwright
Susan Cartwright, Printmaker
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T. Mike Walker, mixed media collage artist

Artist, teacher and published author, current Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Art League, and winner of the 2011 Gail Rich Award for his work in the arts community, T. Mike Walker is an accomplished artist in several media, but currently focuses his artistry and light-hearted humor on the creation of mixed media collage, and offers here a small collection of abstracts and amusing scenes, many featuring our favorite animal friends.


""Potty Dance #2", a mixed media collage by artist T. Mike Walker
"Taz", a monotype print of a handsome Doberman, by printmaker Susan Cartwright

Susan Cartwright brings new life to an art form first implemented in the 1600’s--the art of the monotype, a printmaking process which yields just one print.  Her charming miniatures are delicately drawn in ink on a copper plate, and printed on Oriental rag, or gold paper.  Welcome, Susan!


6” x 6”

Susan Cartwright