For many years now, the Santa Cruz SPCA , a non-profit and no-kill shelter, has been run from a small house built in the 1930’s. The roof  leaks, the plumbing is problematic, and the original electrical wiring continually requires work.     Staff members and little dogs greet visitors in what was once the tiny living room where desks are huddled between walls lined with dog crates. The tiny bedrooms are now cat rooms and offices, and stacks of supplies overflow from every nook and cranny. The tiny bathroom is used for grooming and sometimes as an isolation room.

    Yes, “tiny” is the operative word for the entire facility, including the dogs--the lack of space severely limits both the number and size of  animals that can be rescued, and they cannot accept big dogs.

     Outside, numerous fenced enclosures serve as daytime play areas for the little dogs, with blankets and pads covering the asphalt, and gardeners’ cloth providing shade from the sun. These play pens compete for square footage with a motley collection of Rubber Maid storage closets and home-made lean-to’s.

    In spite of the difficulties, everything is clean and it’s obvious that the animals are well loved and cared for.

     Our community is blessed by the people who staff our Santa Cruz SPCA.  Despite the conditions they work in, they remain passionate about what they do and the creatures they care for.  They are lead by Lisa Carter, executive director, who walked away from a six-figure salary in the commercial world nine years ago in order to make a difference.

    She has succeeded in acquiring land for a new shelter, but now we need you to make the dream of a new shelter possible.  Her plans are not lavish or grandiose, but depict a comfortable and practical use of space and money.  The aim is to provide a 5,000 square-foot structure plus large and spacious yards for the dogs and cats.  Their focus will be on better sanitation, more state-of-the-art and energy-efficient   


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