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“Circle Howl”

Collage on acid-free mat board,

    11” x 15” in a 16” x 20” white mat


Dogs, cats, monkeys and human babies in a circle around a microphone, howling, watched by sweet 2-Headed Dog. Feel like one of those days?


Original collage: $225....



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“I am often asked if I work on the computer. The answer is "No." I use paper, scissors, and glue. However, some of the pieces I incorporate into my collages have been digitally created, and all of them involve some form of commercial photographic reproduction and great printing with hi-tech inks on incredible papers--so the question is complicated. However, I Am the Assembler, the creative fuse through which the force works to reposition all these discarded images and old forms into new relationships and meanings. It's not as easy to do as you might think. And it helps if you're a story teller, too.”

                  --T. Mike Walker


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"Circle Howl", a mixed media collage of dogs, cats and babies "singing", by T. Mike Walker
T. Mike Walker, Mixed Media Collage