For many years now, the Santa Cruz SPCA , a non-profit and no-kill shelter, has been run from a small house built in the 1930’s. The roof  leaks, the plumbing is problematic, and the original electrical wiring continually requires work.


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About the SPCA Project
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This is the home of Santa Cruz Artists for Animals. 25% of our sales are donated to the Santa Cruz SPCA.
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When you become a member of Santa Cruz Artists Gallery you will be joining a select group of top quality artists. You will receive your own gallery page, and will be able to sell your work through this site, enjoy increased exposure and reach a whole new world of collectors.

The initial fee is $35. However, for any artist accepted to the gallery who pledges to donate an original work of art to the SPCA’s 2013 “Bark for the Arts & Meow Too!” auction/gala event, the fee is waived.


The commission on sales is 38%.  (25% is donated to the Santa Cruz SPCA; 13% is used for the maintenance of the website, and payment of Paypal and credit card fees.)  The artist’s 62% will be paid to you within two weeks of when you ship a sold work of art. Sales tax will be collected on sales to customers within California and paid to the BOE by Santa Cruz Artists Gallery.


To apply for gallery membership, send an email to telling us a little about yourself and your art. Please include photos of three different pieces of your own original artwork. We promise to complete our review and get back to you within a week!




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