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“Sedona Sunset”

Beaded Necklace


A center stone of agate in shades of orange,  crystal and tan, floats in a ring of glass seed beads orange, white, tan, and brown with an orange outer accent. The circular fringe is from the same beads with matching smaller agates.  The necklace uses the same beads with a larger orange bead and is twenty-four inches long.





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Sally Peck, Beaded Jewelry
"Sedona Sunset", a beaded pendant necklace in the hot luscious colors of a Sedona sunset by artisan jeweler Sally Peck

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©2011 Sally Peck

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“My beaded jewelry is one of a kind and all hand made. For the sewing, I use the “peyote stitch”, which is a Native American stitch, and other stitches commonly used in embroidery or applique. I use only natural materials and glass seed beads. Center piece designs, and collar necklaces are designed on tracing paper which then becomes the pattern. When the piece is finished, the pattern paper is removed, and backing material is used to hide the stitches.”

                              --Sally Peck